Some of these universities for the wealthy impressive and attractive options for continuing their education! In this essay to accompany us to the 10 most expensive university in the world to know

1. Wesleyan University

Filmography degree course at the university’s annual 218 thousand 370 dollars. This university is located in Knktykat was established in 1831 by the church and encourage students to do volunteer service and philanthropy and has also been successful in this.

2. Bucknell University

To study biochemistry at the University must pay 219 thousand and $ 330. The University is a liberal arts institution that were founded in 1846 in Pennsylvania. The number of subjects offered at the University than any other university it has more than 50 majors and 60 is subdirectories. The university has graduated greatest athlete in the country. Biochemistry has an excellent career, and education in this field can be very efficient.

3. University of Connecticut

The cost of studying in the fields of music and technology at the University of 219 thousand 950 dollars. It is a private liberal arts university in 1991 Baztasys was, until 1969, was for women. Although the economics of the university is well-known but costly university degrees in music and technology.

4. Vassar College

Degree in media sciences at the University is 223 thousand 525 dollars. College with an area of 1,000 hectares located in New York, which has already been girls, and now almost 25 years among the top universities in the United States.

5. University Bard

For your music education at the University must pay 271 thousand 375 dollars. The university in 1860 with Sntastyvn ( St. Stephen ) was established. Studying at the University of Music costly but is the most expensive.

6. St. John’s University

Getting a degree in humanities from the University of 308 thousand 392 dollars. Unlike the University of Vassar College and in 1996 founded a small extent. The University has a branch in Santa Fe Mexico.

7. Trinity University

Social and political sciences and law at the University is 308 thousand 490 dollars. The university was founded in 1823 and from Yale University ( Yale ) is the second oldest University of the State of Connecticut. Trinity University accepts applicants each year; a third and now has 2,300

8. Columbia University

317 thousand 30 dollars for studying MBA at the University. Columbia University in Manhattan, located in 17544 has been established and the oldest high school in New York and the fifth oldest university in the country the United States. Interestingly, the names of three of America’s Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama graduated from the University.

9. Vanderbilt University

The world’s most expensive university degree in law and representation you pay 375 thousand 620 dollars. Vanderbilt is a research institute established in 1873 in Navy Tennessee. Only 12 percent of applicants are accepted each year.

10. Sarah Lawrence College

And finally, the most expensive and most expensive college degree belongs in historical and legal disciplines Sarah Lawrence College at the cost of 402 thousand and $ 962. The university was founded in 1926 and initially effective for girls until 1968 was mixed. The founder of this university is named in memory of his wife. New York is America’s most expensive universities in the world. To begin studying at the university or the son of a billionaire family or one of those 65 percent that of their scholarships.


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