College relationships do not often prepare us for life and relationship after college. It is possible you hooked up with one of your friends in college which may have turned into something serious or ended as friends with benefits.

In college, there is no form of casual dating. You are always either with someone or hooking up with someone and refer dating as being in a relationship. Things are different in the real world. This is when two individuals dress up to meet at a set place and time with a slit knowledge of themselves to know one another on a date.

Now you don’t have friends in common and have to make plans to see each other again because there is nothing like you bumping into each other in class the next morning. Relationships after college are sometimes weird but trust me, it’s fun when you make a good one.

Here are Ten rules that will guide you in making great real life romantic relations.

  1. Just focus on making friends and not finding romance. In the midst of your list, your friends with opposite sex lay “the one”. Dating will occur once there enough friends of another gender in your life. Make out time to study them and know who has what you are looking for in a relationship.
  2. Be comfortable being single before starting a relationship. Be sure you can take care of yourself emotionally, don’t start dating because of fear of ending up alone. If you are not comfortable being alone, you will definitely still not be comfortable when you’re finally dating.
  3. Look for people who share your vision and interest, people with similar interest as yours. Pursue activities you enjoy by making them your hobbies as a way to meet your potential mate. If you enjoy watching a movie, go to cinemas, It will be easier to meet a partner you will easily get along with because you already share something in common. On a fixed date, bring up topics based on your interest and see how it goes. You will be surprised to spend the whole day together without noticing how time flies.
  4. Now you can date more than one person at a time. Unlike in college, it is rather gullible to date or hooks up with more than one person at a time. Multi-dating is 100% OK after college as long as you do not agree to date anyone solely. It is of no use sticking to one date when he/she may be fooling around.
  5. Learn to set boundaries between people you are dating. As a grown-up, don’t abandon your life for anyone. Balance your schedules; if you are skipping your normal activities just for a date, then it is wrong. Have time for yourself and other friends as well, don’t ditch your life for anyone.
  6. Find out what you value in a relationship and your partner before dating around. It is perfectly OK to ask your partner what he/she wants from you on your third or fourth time. You never can tell, they might simply want to have fun with you. So if you want something more serious in a relationship, try to ask some questions like “What do you want in a relationship?”, “Okay, what do you want from me?”, “Why are we dating?”, Before investing your emotion in someone who just wants to have fun with you.
  7. That you are a graduate now does not mean you know all about birth control. There are greater risks of having unprotected sex; unmarried couples are less likely to use condoms for reasons best known to them. Avoid making that common mistake and pick up a pack for yourself. The price of a pack of a condom is much lesser than the cost of an unwanted baby or even treating sexually transmitted infections. Be wise! But I must give advice; abstinence is the best.
  8. In college, money wasn’t an issue at all because it is known that college students don’t have much money of their own. But it is not so in the real world. Once everyone graduates and start working, Finance suddenly because of a responsibility in a relationship. Avoid getting into a relationship with some who you can take care or take care of you financially; it can be a problem sometimes. Be honest with yourself and always work with the level of your pocket.
  9. Doesn’t let people’s opinion about your romantic life ride you. Sometimes it seems everyone in the market has something to say about your romantic life, and you get confused. Now, the only person whose opinion matters in your life is yours. If you feel like you are doing the best you can at this dating thing, then you’re fine.
  10. Meeting someone or receiving some kind gestures from someone is not a ticket to date; it must not lead to a relationship. To avoid getting disappointed, don’t get your hopes up or expect anything more from someone you just met simply because of the situation and condition you met him/her.

Don’t be in haste to date or get married just because your mates are getting married already. Take it slow with your dates, don’t speed-date to find the one. And because your parents married early and your friends are already into it shouldn’t freak you out. People marry for different reasons, try finding out yours and wait for the right time. You fought it in college; you can tackle it this time. Success in Your Dates!


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