The remedies given by mothers to treat coughs to hope this child will help you. No need to spend a lot of money, looking anywhere far, but the things around you are the most effective medicine!

A cough with Honey soaked garlic

Crush two garlic cloves, mixed with two teaspoons of honey, bring steamed water. Pay attention to not steamed garlic and taste the garlic smell is okay. Offer half a teaspoon of coffee, 1-2 times a day. Before drinking, give the baby water to filter.

Cough with Honey soaked garlic

Cucumber in lemon basil and blue lather

Choose between 15 and 16 lemon basil leaves and 4 to 5 blueberries, rinse, and add to the blender. Then all put in the bowl. Add enough alum sugar, steamed about 20 minutes. Give your baby 1-2 times a day to cough.


A cough with shallot leaves

Choose between 5-10 leaves of chives and quantity.

It is strange to treat coughs with a shallow leaf, but in fact, this is a very effective cure for a dry cough.
– Ingredients: 3 – 5 branches of chives, honey just enough.
– How to do: Wash the shallot leaves, finely chopped, into the bowl. Pour the honey just enough to flood the leaves, mix well and bring steam until water is a puree.

Each time the mother to drink from 1 to 2 teaspoons, 2 to 3 times a day. Give your baby until he or she coughs.

A cough with shallot leaves

Treat a cough with white roses soaked alum sugar

Take the rose petals white washed with enough sugar, enough water, a little water filter, steamed water. Offer 3 to 4 times a day, 1 tablespoon/time.


Treated with flowers

Flower flowers, papaya flowers, leaves per 10g per 10g, sugar 5g. All put in the bowl with little water filter, boiling water to drink water for baby. Daily baby drinks one / two tsp.

A cough with the fruit of the Buddha

A cough with the fruit of the Buddha

Pickles bought in brine washed the outer shell. Use the knife to cut into thin pieces from the shell to the end of the intestine. Put all ingredients in the bowl and then pour the malt (buy in dry), steamed in water for 30 to 45 minutes. Take out to cool to the refrigerator used gradually. Each night before going to bed take out 10ml into the cup and soak in a bowl of hot water for warmth and then give the baby. May be added to a little water filter for easy to drink.

Cough with the fruit of the Buddha

With all the cough remedies cough medicine on, you should give the baby gradually drifted at the tip of the tongue, from less to much. Hold the baby in a position that makes the head and neck slightly taller than the abdomen, avoiding vomiting, vomiting or choking. When giving the baby, you should use your hands to stroke from the nostrils to the belly button.


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