Persistence is a vital factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into its monetary equivalent. Know that the basis of persistence is for sure the power of will.

Willpower and desire, when combined, make an irresistible pair. People who accumulate vast fortunes are known as cold-blooded and sometimes ruthless. Often they are misunderstood. What they have is willpower, which they mix with persistence and use as the basis of their desires to ensure the attainment of their objectives. Moreover, experience with thousands of people has proved that lack persistence is the common weakness you can find in people. Which can be overcome by efforts the ease with which lack of persistence may be conquered will depend on entirely upon the intensity of one’s desire.

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this always in mind, weak desire bring an unfortunate result, just as a small amount of fire will surely make a small amount of heat. Building a stronger fire under your desire will be a good remedy for lack of persistence.

While you are awake or are asleep, your subconscious mind works continuously, Spasmodic or occasional effort to apply the rules will be if no value to you. To get the result, you must apply all of the rules until their application becomes a fixed habit with you. In no other way can you develop the necessary ‘money consciousness.’

Poverty is only attracted to those whose mind are favorable to it, in the same way, money is attracted to those whose mind has been deliberately prepared to draw it.  POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS WILL VOLUNTARILY SEIZE THE MIND THAT IS NOT OCCUPIED WITH MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS.


Like all states of mind, persistence is based upon specific causes

  1. Definiteness Of Purpose- Knowing- What you want is the first and, perhaps the most important step toward the development of persistence. A strong motive forces you to surmount many difficulties.
  2. Desire – It is comparatively easy to acquire and maintain persistence in pursuing the object if intense desire.
  3. Self- Reliance – Belief in your ability to carry out a plan encourages you to follow the plan through with persistence.
  4. Definiteness of Plans– organized plans, even though they may be weak and entire impractical support persistence.
  5. Accurate Knowledge– Knowing that your plans are sound, based on experience or observation, support persistence; ‘guessing’ instead of ‘knowing’ destroys persistence.
  6. Cooperation- Sympathy, understanding, and harmonious cooperation with others tend to develop persistence.
  7. Willpower– The habit of concentrating your thoughts upon the building of plans for the attainment of a definite purpose leads to persistence.
  8. Habit– The mind does absorb and become a part of the daily experiences upon which it feeds. Fear, the king of all enemies, can be cured by forced repetition of acts of courage. Anyone who has seen active service in war knows this.

Take an inventory of yourself. Determine in what particular. Measure yourself courageously, point by point, and to see which of the factors of persistence you lack.  By doing this analysis, it will lead to discoveries that which will give you a new grip on yourself.



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