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How to Raise Godly Children
parents and their children reading the bible

How to Raise Godly Children

The children who are allowed to attain manhood or women hood with undisciplined and uncontrolled passion will generally in after-life pursue a course which God condemns.

Parents should follow the directions of the words of God in this matter for the children are the future leader of tomorrow. The consequence is that most of the children have generally succeeded I ruling their parents, instead of being under their authority. Wrong ideas and foolish misdirection of affection have nurtured trait which has made children unloved and unhappy.

Any child that is permitted to have his way will dishonour God and bring his father and mother to shame. Many parents are struggling because of the expenses of their children. Show your children what they must do, training up a child is seed your children shall be taught by the Lord. Education without moral will produce delegate.


Some parents spend so much on their kids by sending them to good schools and making sure they have the necessities of life; that’s very good but there are some morals and ethics that are supposed to be taught and imbibed them that when they grow up they will never forget or depart from them.

A child’s greatest mentor is the parent they are the best role model for their children because as a child grows the first people or person he or she relate and knows are the parents especially the mother. That is why a mother has great influence on their children. Never allow your kids to be watching television while you are sleeping or you will wake to meet them with guns.


Teach them how to behave and have good characters, good motivations from parents helps children a lot to be confident of themselves thereby helping them to build good and strong self-esteem as they grow up.

Tell a child what they need to know about life the do’s and don’ts of life, so as they grow they don’t make mistakes. Some mistake made by most youth are as a result of poor or faulty foundation where fell some issues are taboos to be discussed with children.


The teacher is not the only one teaching your children. Teach them by example, examples are stronger than the words you speak to them. The words you speak to your children motivate them. Therefore teach them the way of the LORD

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