Death is one of the most fascinating and sometimes the most mysterious aspects of mortality. Each death has always been a part of people’s lives, and scientists have found fascinating about the process of death. Some of these are funny, some people to think Vamydarnd, and some of them are just weird.

The 10 truth about the death that are very strange

10. How we die

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.

In 2015, more than eight million deaths due to ischemic heart disease had lost. This figure is about 15 percent of the 56.4 million deaths that occurred in that year, in the country. Heart disease can take many forms, but ultimately restricts blood flow to the heart and increases the risk of heart attack. It can be caused by several risk factors, including smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cause inherited diseases.

The highest cause of death worldwide after heart disease, stroke, and then lower respiratory tract infection, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cancer of the trachea, bronchi, and lungs. The factors that are in the list of the most common causes of death include diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis, and road injuries. Heart disease and stroke account for 27% of all deaths and more than half of all deaths worldwide are due to the ten reasons listed above.

9. The bodies sealed

In some people, a waxy substance called “dead fat” may be formed during the decay process and cover the entire body. It can be white, gray, or yellow, and the consistency is different. After it was formed, to keep body and can make it (so fresh that it could be a dead body) to keep fresh for several years, When the body starts to break down, fat cells release enzymes in a process called hydrolysis, triglycerides into fatty acids are saturated and unsaturated convert.

Carcass fat decomposition process with resistance to bacterial activity slows down. Otherwise, bacterial activity starts attacking the body. Carcass fat can be annoying to cemetery officials because it prevents the process of recycling graves.

However, scientists and archaeologists believe that this matter is very useful because it enables the body for a long time on the soil of Sparyash going to do an autopsy.

Lash ability to maintain body fat is useful for scientists because they have the ability to investigate the bodies of his death that even a century past, the catalog.

8. Rigor mortis

Rigor mortis (or Mrgakhshky), means stiffening of the body after death and the loss of adenosine triphosphate occurs, a process that forces muscles to contract and stay hard. Rigor mortis affects the muscles of small to larger muscles and about two hours after death begins.

After all, were stiff muscles, rigor mortis between 36 and 48 hours, after which the process is reversed, and the body is loose again. Stretching muscles can reverse Mortis early death.

Compared with the physical body in a hot environment to a cold environment, will tighten more quickly. That is why the victims who drown are often out of the water when they are still loose even if they were under water for several days.

Also, if the person is close to death strenuous physical activity, increased speed and rigor. Forensic rigor mortis used to determine the time of death: if a body is rigid, the victim is likely to have died within the past 48 hours. Although this method is not always accurate, there are many factors that can affect the solidity time.

7. Change the color of the body

Bruising when blood remains in the body after the heart stops beating, not flowing through the veins, This causes the blood to dwell in response to the force of gravity, to meet clots and dark purple spots develop in those areas. This means changes color in response to gravity and could sacrifice a victim to another depending on the situation after the death vary.

For example, a body that is in the back, bruises and marks on the ground or surface that are growing, get in touch. If the victim is hung, blood in the legs, fingertips, and ears will be displayed. Bruises, contusions stagnation or sedimentation after death which is called, will start within 30 minutes after the heart stops and can take up to 12 hours.

Unlike rigor mortis, bruises can be fixed in the body for eight to 12 hours after death. Certain toxins capable of changing color to earn different colors. This color change can help determine the cause of death to the coroner. Carbon monoxide can cause bruising areas pink cherry die.

6. Eating snack beyond reach!

Your body is full of bacteria, and as soon as they die, they begin to eat you up. After the death of germs in the gut starts to work and start eating the body from the inside. Subsequently, the bacteria on the skin or bacteria from the outside environment, the body begins to decompose the body.

Why do we live when we do not have a problem with this bacteria? The biggest reason is my immune system, which no longer works after his death. Bacteria also grow in warm temperatures, and no way to heat the body is not cooled immediately after the death of me.

A relatively small line between when a healthy life and we when eaten by bacteria getting there. When we live, our bodies are always trying to harmful bacteria invade the body, fighting. When we die, fight Bakhthaym! L

5. Step perk!

The bodies of four days after the death in a phase called “inflation” is the wind. This is due to accumulation of liquids and gasses released by autolysis (self-rift) occurs, in which the pancreas and other organs filled with digestive enzymes to break down.

(It occurs when the body does not follow the process of mummification or preserved.)

Swelling in the abdomen, and gradually spread to the entire front side of the body. Decomposed tissues also cause skin discoloration and blisters will come into existence, while fluid in the lungs also come out of the mouth and nose, and an awful smell they produce. Hot weather increases the body swelling, while cold weather slows down the process.

Flies and other insects are highly attracted to the scent of the body is the bloated player. Carrion flies at the beginning of the process of decomposition of the corpse lay their eggs, and some of the beetle after his body began to dry up, in which they live.

Forensics can be different types of insects that have infested the body uses to help determine the approximate time of death. When a body is entering the final stages of inflation, corruption (the process of decay and decomposition of a body) begins.

At this time largely disappeared skin and body collapse. Obese people probably faster than those who are average weight or thin, rotted, and the scientists say because there is too much fluid in their bodies that act for the autolysis process.

4. Scared to death

“Scared to death” is frequently used in discussions, but also there are many facts. When your personal situation is extremely grim, war or escape in her instinctive reaction comes into play.

This causes a surge of adrenaline through the body find, and the body that forced rapid heart rate, mydriasis, and increased blood flow to the muscles you Djerba.

Adrenaline also opens calcium channels in the heart and thus causes the heart muscle to contract. In an extreme situation where adrenaline is released continuously through the body, and calcium channels will not be closed, the heart muscle can not relax. This can be a person with cardiac arrhythmias (or wrong track), it means that it will not be a regular heart rate. And the irregularity in the heartbeat, in turn, can lead to low blood pressure and loss of consciousness, and ultimately cause a variety of health problems and even death.

However, those who already have heart problems are more prone to severe results are adrenaline, but even a healthy person could be at risk of death from arrhythmia. It should also be noted that this fear is not the only factor to blame: Any intense emotion caused by things like a deafening noise or a sporting event can cause reactions in humans.

3. After thought

A severed head for a few seconds after decapitation may also have consciousness.

In 2011, Dutch scientists mouse brain waves were measured before and after cutting off his head and found that the conscious activity of the brain in mice nearly four seconds after his failure continues.

Another study in 2002 showed that brain cells could survive for several weeks after the death in a laboratory. However, the survival of brain cells in the lab with conscious activity in the real world is different.

Also, some scientists believe that any movement is seen after death, that is involuntary muscle spasms occurs because the body has been occurring quite work.

2. Death on Everest

More than 200 dead bodies on Mount Everest there. Some of them are hidden, but some of them as a sign for climbers trying to conquer the summit are used. When the snow is relatively shallow, climbing to the summit when they come near, should walk on his feet.

Mount Everest at an altitude of over 29,000 feet (8,800 meters), is the world’s highest mountain on Earth. Azdhhy 1950 so far, more than 4,000 people have conquered it, and 216 people have lost their lives on it. Most bodies remain on Everest because they are trying to bring down a lot of risks.

Near the peak temperature is very low, and due to lack of oxygen, brain cells start to die out gradually. The probability of dying those who want their frozen bodies from graves Brfyshan lower is very high.

1. Sharks Vs vending machines

killed by a shark is highly unlikely that the United States 16 shark attack deaths in less than a shark attack recorded in both years. Vending machines, on the other hand, lives are 2.18 people per year. In fact, your chances of being killed by a device that you snack sells almost twice as much.

Many other causes of shark attacks put you at risk of death. A coconut falls cause about 150 deaths each year, cattle kill 20 people per year, and an annual bee is responsible for 100 deaths.

On a larger scale, approximately 6,000 people die from falls and falling at home, and mosquitoes (malaria mainly in developing countries) Life is more than 800,000 people each year.


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