Failure is part of life and for all happening. Even Steve Jobs of Apple, the company he founded was once expelled. According to research conducted by Harvard University, 70 percent of small businesses fail in the first 5 years.

Remember the alertness can learn from failure and you come back stronger than ever. The following guidelines are to return you to your path:

  • Be sad

Yes, sad. According to management professor Alfred Marcus is quite natural that the sad deterioration of your efforts and time to grieve eat. During this time may be disappointed and upset, but after a while you get relaxed.

  • Be honest

Without prejudice and with an open view to the mistakes that led to your defeat. If possible, ask a friend or a counselor to accompany you in this task. He can look at it from the outside and give you better advice. Find a way to deal with the real reasons for your failure. If you do not like the office for this task. It may be painful but will not repeat them.

  • Forgive Yourself

6 years ago Gene Hammett was very bad for business. As control was slipping away from her and back to where the former should have done a lot of financial negotiations. He will be re-made but before the restoration work should be self-correcting. He must accept responsibility for the failure.

The 15 Major Causes of Failure

  • Do Something That Makes You Happy

What or where can you bring the taste? As you do or where to go. Be positive because resistance is key. In contrast, negative thoughts Bhbvdtan process slows down. On the other hand, the fear and anxiety of finding a solution on your mind closes and prevents anxiety in your nature are happiness.

When you feel good to look at things with a positive vision to give you a hand. This sense of relevance not only your heart but also the driving process.

  • Be Grateful For Blessings

Things were not so bad. Sometimes it is necessary to do the things that brought blessings to you to remember. Greater Good Science Center has created an online journal where users of the blessings they have and appreciate it for all the posts. Those who adhere to this work were to end their day started so well and had a good sense.

  • Meditate

40 minutes of deep thinking you focus your mind and creativity will help a lot. With hills and valleys work better will come along. Russel Simmon says happiness and sadness too for the success of an idea too for its failure is not true, but one must focus on the work itself. It should also be practiced. According to experts, if the meditation is associated with a focus on overcoming barriers to help you.

  • Help others

When you fail to look for someone to help him. John Brubaker says more effort that had won nothing in his work and always fails. He changed his approach and understand the weaknesses of others in their resolve to help them. The others admitted he helped win more games.

Then enter the business and again the same way he used to. He believes that with the change of thinking, his business also grew and everything went well.

  • Look For Opportunities

There is no doubt the stress of being broke. But there are many ways to handle it. However, the stress of work completed can be useful, provided that the amount to be such that interest you to do that. When this amount of rise, poorer decisions are causing mental illness as well.

At this time, the situations that you think. Maybe you can invest your time in something else.

  • Do Not Think Too Much To Win

Jeremy Bloom, the former CEO of a company bundle Olympic medals in ski a lot in the field of its own. After reading the book “power of intention” found that if you want to win no more relaxing life enjoys the tranquility ranges larger for he brought up the Medal record holders in the field of the sport itself out.


  • Think Big

You can not trick your brain along with your goals. In the study, 30 participants have gym for 12 weeks. Some physical education and physical muscle having used some imagery. Although physical education is better than a mental act such as 53% effective in building muscle, but effective imagery up to 35% on their fitness. From here you can discover the power of the mind.

Researchers say the mental imagery signals to the brain and cause your muscles to be activated. Hence, from now on your first illustration purposes and then to work.


  • Tell yourself: this is also going

To fix it and tell yourself that things like this will not change. School of Psychology Stanford Who’s reaction to the rejection compared. Participants of this study were two groups. The first group defeat they thought the problem themselves, and this sense of embarrassment and shame to lose but the second group to fail as a way to grow a look and never fail in future they was not repeated.

  • Listen to your feelings

Negative thoughts are not necessarily lead to bad outcomes. Some experts say guilt, anxiety, envy and anger can make people away from bad behavior to others. It is important to find the reason for your feeling and you can use it as motivation to structure your actions.

  • Be consistent in your work.

When you’re ready to work, come back after your defeat, with plans to account for sales channels and investors look for. The key to success in your daily efforts.

When driving, every so often you eat the red light on. Failure to work as well as it is light. If you have good speed, even though the lights go eat but were more relaxing to your destination.

  • Not isolated

Maybe not after losing someone close to you or not present at the party. Learn to be alone with your thoughts do not help you improve. Start small and intimate gathering. First, talk with your family and friends about it and gradually get into the group.

  • Do not be afraid to start again.

Perhaps a new idea comes into your mind to work and to carry it to see your former employees and investors. They may ask you what you could do this different from previous ones to trust you? Already prepared for such questions. Confident all start over and your efforts to restore them, but if you do not succeed do anything wrong. This experience makes you stronger for future work.

  • Remember your former victories

Certainly, have achieved in the past. Remember and tell yourself that you can still do it again


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