Encourage speech and gesture: Show love, appreciation, and sympathy to the struggles your wife is suffering during pregnancy. The affection and gentle gestures of the husband will create more power for the wife, while at the same time deepening the bond between the couple.

Sharing with action: Husbands can not be pregnant with their wives, but can be a good helper, while at the same time being able to fulfill many different roles:

The Role Of The Father During Pregnancy

O Homemaker: go to the market, cook – sometimes late into the night to buy a special item that “mother baby” suddenly eat (remember to remind his wife not eat too late).

O Auntie: Get active in the housework, as much as possible.

O Drivers: The travel of pregnant women is very difficult, so husbands should not let their wife drive himself, especially the routine antenatal checkups.

O Doctors: learn about maternity care for scientifically-based pregnancies.

O Massage staff: When the baby is four months old, the husband should massage his wife every night, relax the body, regulate the breath and have a deep sleep.

– Create a comfortable atmosphere in the family, avoid making your wife shock or stress, mental stress.

– Interested reminder wife moderate in eating, living.

Besides his wife during childbirth. The presence of the husband in this crucial moment will give the wife a full sense of love. Just a light kiss, a warm embrace, a thankful gratitude of her husband, the wife will forget the painful and tired feeling of the moment “overflowing.”


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