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How To Treat Dry Lips, Chills When Sitting In Air Conditioner

With the weather in Vietnam mostly hot, the use of air conditioner in homes and offices has become increasingly popular. However, during operation, air conditioning will make the air in the room become dry, make your lips dehydration, easy to dry lips. Below are simple ways to fix this.

Drink a lot of water

The simplest way to balance the moisture for your lips and skin is to drink plenty of water. You can also indirectly provide water to the body by eating more fruits that are high in vitamin C such as orange, mandarin. Besides, you should also limit the type of food that can dry your lips like pepper and peppers.

Keep the room moist

To keep the room moist, you only place a water bowl or steam engine in the room. Water will help to neutralize the amount of air generated by the air conditioner.

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Avoid touching lips

Your hands come in contact with many things, so the ability to hold more bacteria in your hand is easy to do. Therefore, touching your lips will make your lips easier to dry.

Remember to wear a mask

When you go out, you also need to remember to protect your lips from the effects of sunlight, sun exposure by wearing a facemask. If possible use a lip balm. So, when you walk into the cold room, you’ll get drier.

Avoid licking your lips

The habit of licking your lips when you feel your lips are dry is a bad habit for many people. This way does not completely moisturize your lips, as the moisture in your lips evaporates, making your lips dry.

Avoid breathing by mouth

Breathing through the mouth is like being blown to your lips. And apparently, the moisture of the lips will gradually disappear.

Use a lip balm

You can use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cucumber, aloe vera … to apply to lips to moisturize your lips. In addition to moisturizing lips, these fruits also make your lips look more beautiful.

With the habit of moisturizing your lips every day, you will not feel uncomfortable sitting in the cold room anymore. Let’s share some cool tips you can use to cure dry mouth when sitting in an air-conditioned room. And in case your air conditioner is having trouble, and need air conditioner repair, please contact EASTERN Refrigeration for advice.

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